Western Fine Dining Recipes

LEFT In the Ladies Garden, a hedge of the hybrid mask rose Felicia ‘ backs herbaceous planting that includes apricot foxgloves, Allium christophii, Nepeta mussinii and penstemons in the foreground. BELOW Clambering over the wall behind the seat are the rambling rose Cecile Brunner and Ceanothus BurkwoodiiThe fleurs-de-lis arefilled with thepalepink roses Heritageand Gruss an Aachen OPPOSITE The wine-red rose Wenlock is set off by the soft blues, creams andpinks of Iris sibirica, catmint, delphiniums, and the pale rose DeMeaux that grow by the seat intact the distinctive fleurs-de-lis in trimmed box, which had been the dominant feature of the Ladies Garden for more than a century, and which survive to this day.


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