Ways To Decorate A Small Living Room

Ways To Decorate A Small Living Room

How to Make Distemper

Place a quantity of whiting (about 3 lb. for a ceiling, 5 lb. for a ceiling and frieze space combined, or 7 lb. for the walls of an average-sized room) in a bucket. Add water and allow the whiting to soak for two or three hours. Then pour off the surplus water, which will leave a thick white paste.

In another bucket place some concentrated size powder. This is merely pulverized glue, and is generally sold in -lb. and 1-lb. packets. For a ceiling, J lb. of this concentrated size will be sufficient, but if both walls and ceiling are to be done, lb. is an appropriate quantity.

First add just sufficient water to soak the powder. After a few minutes have elapsed, add boiling water in the proportion of 1 qt. to each J lb. of the powder. Stir the mixture until the powder is completely dissolved.

The solution thus produced is what is called “size”, and, when it has cooled somewhat, it is added to the whiting paste and well stirred. The result is white distemper.

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