Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room

Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room
Preparation for wallpapering
Anaglypta is a lighter, more flexible paper than lincrusta, but its fmish is also extremely durable. It is made from two layers of paper, pressed together and embossed with a huge variety of relief patterns. B
These papers come in a huge variety of designs and their quality and depth of colour cannot be surpassed. They are, however, expensive to buy. To defray the costs and make a little paper go a long way you could consider hanging them as panels edged by narrow wooden moulding, or using them above or below the dado in combination with a less expensive paper or paint. They are bought unpasted and hanging them requires great diligence. Q
The most widely available kind of wallpaper, machine-printed papers come in a huge variety of designs and finishes and are less expensive than hand-blocked paper. They can sometimes be dressed up with a coat of matt polyurethane varnish. B
Foamed polyethylene
A soft, lightweight paper, also called Novamura. Comes in a wide range of designs and is relatively easy to hang.
Friezes and borders
Wallpaper ranges now nearly always include a series of co-ordinating borders or friezes, which means that making a decision about detailing and finishing can be completely straightforward. However, you should feel free to create different effects, using more original combinations, and picking up on painted finishes too. Borders and friezes are sold in rolls and are roughly 7.5-30cm (312in) wide. And although friezes are usually hung horizontally at the level of the skirting board, dacfo rail or picture rail, borders can also be used to create ‘panels’, by making up squares or rectangles. B

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