Vintage House Decorating

Vintage House Decorating

Southern Exposure

South-facing windows are the most important natural light source because they receive sunlight year-round and cast a warm, golden glow on interiors. However, this light will cause the greatest damage to your furnishings. Roller shades in opaque fabrics, Vignette window shadings, an updated Roman shade with gently contoured fabric folds that roll up into a sleek headrail, and Duette shades with triple layers of honeycombs are all good choices for a southern exposure.

Location Is Everything

Here’s another consideration. The manner in which light falls into a room is also affected by window location. Windows high on an exterior wall admit light deep into the room, while low or wide windows bring in the light in shallow baths. Several windows in small rooms will offer a more even distribution of natural light as will a group of windows in a large space.

Light Where You Want It

I like the Duette shade with the top-down/bottom-up hardware. It allows the shade to stack at the bottom to let in light from above, but still provides privacy. Study each room in your house in regard to location of windows and the type of light they afford. In this way you’ll treat them in a manner that will allow you the right light for maximum beauty and comfort in your home.

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