UNIT FURNITURES, of which there is now so much of good designand more is on the waywill fit any space. It affords excellent storage space and comes in all sorts of lengths, long and short. It is of the same height and depth, and chests may follow desks, shelves, and drawers along the walls in an unbroken line

Inidfiet problems are likely to be serious when a home in one room is being furnished. But dont be dismayed. Go about furnishing with a plan and do just so much each month. First come daybed, table and chairs for eating, and rug if possible. Then, according to your plan and the demands of your spirit, one month buy the draperies and couch cover, the next an easy chair (that may take two months), and then, perhaps, a desk. Go to a store where they have a stock of the furniture you want, and find out if the maple you like will be kept in stock. It is not necessary that different pieces belong to a set. Some variety in design is nice but the color should match. Or furnish irith secondhand pieces. Frequently this is inexpensive and gives most attractive results. Many an old bureau can be bought for five or six dollars, even if it has fine cabinet work and smooth-running drawers. Hardware may be ugly and the finish gone. Remove both and paint or refinish to your taste. See chapter 18 in this book on how to paint and refinish old furniture. By picking up pieces as you find them and doing them over yourself, the budget doesnt even creak and you get a room with more individuality. Do not hesitate to combine dark wood and painted pieces, and cover old but sound chairs with slip covers.


by buying and using secondhand pieces that you finish or paint yourself. Plaid cotton in coral, green, and yellow for curtains and studio couch rould be used against yellow or deep green walls and make a good background for maple furniture

Bookcases, chest, desk-all within a few feet of the corner are what you see in the picture below. Very interesting is the cedar chest, in the same toast finish of the modern unit pieces, which stands before the radiator under the window. The radiator, painted to match the furniture, is hardly noticeable. In a limited space U cedar chest is in valuable and such a replica of an Old Dutch dower chest as the one below is a great decorative addition. Today unit furniture of the same height and depth, but of different widths, is built to suit the wall space of a living room just as ready-built units are made for kitchens. More and more in the future we will have living-room units, bedroom units, etc., and at moderate prices. We now have interchangeable units that accomplish the result but you have to do a little figuring of space for yourself. It is little trouble, however, and this type of furniture always utilizes the corners.

The tulip design on this replica of an old Dutch dower chest, books, and the poinsettia-red leather chair add colorful richness to this functional group. Although made of red cedar to insure against moth sabotage of precious woolens stored inside, the chest has been veneered to match the popular toast finish of the other pieces in this very attractive and livable corner group

CORNER CABINETS may hold an amazing amount of china behind the cupboard doors and make a decorative display on the open shelves above.

These cabinets may be built in as illustrated here or they can be separate pieces matching or harmonizing with the other furniture. Note decorative linen-textured rug. Below shows gay Swedish decor in cockscomb red, light blue, and white. Imagination was used in creating this corner and window. The importance of the decoration is repeated to make a painted frame for the plate on the wall

Furniture may fill twoeven threecorners of a room. It is well to leave the fourth open, although I have seen rooms where the four walls were lined with furniture as a library would be lined with books. break the line by an upriyht piece or chest on chest where they balance doors or windows. 18th Century corner cabinets are suitable in combination rooms, dining rooms, and living rooms and may be built in or be separate matching pieces of great beauty. In Provincial rooms crude but no less attractive cabinets made the corner as useful as decorative. The only piece I dont advise is the Victorian corner whatnot. It doesnt hold enough to atone for being an ugly duckling.

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