Tropical Home Designs

Fabric from Manuel Canovas is used to dramatic effect in the dining-room. A Regency mirror flanked by eighteenth-century wall sconces hangs above a Queen Anne chest-of-drawers (4). The painted chairs are eighteenth-century. Flowers are by Wallflowers.

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The house she found was nearby and had been untouched for over forty years. The place was in a dreadfully sad and dilapidated state, she recalls, but offered the possibility of a suitable layout, and architecturally it was a dream. I had little doubt that it could be made into the house we wanted.

Needless to say, the main structural alterations were required in the basement. The garden, on the same level, was pushed back to allow extra space for a conservatory-style exten- sion and exterior seating-area. An extra bathroom was installed on the top floor for the children, and the main bedroom was opened up to incorporate a bathroom en suite.

The originally discrete but adjoining library and office were also opened up to form one space.

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