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Blue and white china is so classic. Its been fashionable for centuries and will always be an iconic element of interior design,  says Joburg botanical artist and fabric designer Kelly Higgs.

My aunt, interior designer Tessa Proudfoot, taught me to love it as a child and its the signature look of my favourite style gurus Carolyne Roehm and Ralph Lauren. ?

Kelly loves to cluster pots of different shapes and sizes together.

I love filling them with flowers, and theyre the inspiration and subject matter for all of my paintings. All flowers work with blue and white particularly if you stick to one particular colour.

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? Kellys best-loved pieces are three small pots she bought from a stall on the side of the road while on honeymoon in Thailand. I love them for their sentimental value, and because the white background is not shiny and clean. It looks aged and the blue is dark and inky. .

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