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Sincc Crosslake is only 150 miles from the Wachters’ main residence in Edina, Minnesota, the family uses their retreat in all four seasons. It sees the most action, though, in summer, when the gang takes to the water. Of course, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing work up an appetite.

“I’d say that 50 percent of what we do there is grilling, ” says Steve. The other 50 percent is probably spent floating either on our pontoon or on our inflatable part}' island.

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With built-in seats and cupholders, the giant raft is the ideal spot for rest and relaxation. We II float all day long with friends and a well-stocked cooler, says Steve, noting that invariably somebody has to retrieve the island w'ith the pontoon once it has drifted too far out.


In addition to boating and floating, the lake offers great bass fishing. In fact, the original cabin was part of a seasonal fishing camp. Erected in 1946, it was modified through the years with several clunky additions and questionable installations. Over time, sections of the structure had deteriorated beyond repair. It oozed vintage charm but was outliving its time, ” explains Steve.

After debating whether they should sell the property or renovate the existing structure, the family decided to take the cabin down to the studs and use the footprint of the deck to create a master bedroom and front entry.

To make it a year-round getaway, the Wachters rebuilt W'ith full insulation, new roof, walls, siding and windows, along w'ith a full HVAC system with air exchanger. A new partial basement, accessed by a floor hatch in the entryway, serves as a mechanical room and storage.

The back of the cabin features a deck for outdoor entertaining.

The couple also added a second bathroom, and created a more spacious kitchen by removing the woodstove in the living room and eliminating a small bedroom. Ultimately, they added 150 square feet, bringing the total living space to 900 square feet.

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