Timeless splendour Bali home design

Located in the Canggu district, this property comprises a L-shaped main house with a large garden and a detached guest villa. It belongs to a japanese art lover. The main entrance is characterized by a thatched roof and a free standing wall constructed of batu putih, a local soft white limestone (see below left). The simple facade belies the planning that has gone into the design of the entire compound, making it a remarkable showcase not only of the art pieces, but also of the owner’s gift of synthesizing old with modern. The grass lawn around the house, for one, has been carefully cultivated, and huge palm trees produce an intriguing play of light and shadows (see above).

The rustic main entrance to the compound belies the enormous talent showcased within.

Inside the house, the owner’s love of timeless art is paramount. An immense feeling of space and freedom pervades throughout; permitting this are the expanses of white plastered walls and the large, white square tiles of polished cement-evidence again of careful forethought. Unfettered by superfuous decorative detail, the one-off furniture pieces and art objects-primitive art, inorganic sculptures, contemporary paintings, colonial accessories, or modern detail-speak for, and among, themselves. Notwithstanding the art gallery effect, this house also has a homely touch, and is a comfortable place in which to live, relax and savour art.

Paved in white palimanan stone, the patio displays art works in natural forms by local artists. The chair sculpture and obelisk are each worked from a single piece of teak. In the foreground is a modern roughly-cut blue glass dish by Seiki Torige.

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