Timber frame home designs

All the skirting-boards and cornices needed to be replaced, and a dado rail, already partly in existence, was continued throughout. The owner-decorator believes that, if a house has a sufficiency of Bitter-sweet preserve Seville oranges are the traditional ingredient for marmalade, but Mary Norwak also finds some delicious alternatives. Illustrations by Diana Leadbetter MARMALADE CONTRIBUTES more to the culinary repertoire than a mere breakfast accompaniment to toast. Delicious with oatcakes, good with cream cheese, and a welcome, bitter-sweet dressing with milk- and cream-based puddings and ices, it also adds flavour to sauces and glazes for duck, pork, veal and lamb. A hint of Seville orange is a revelation with white fish, and bacon and ham benefit from the contrast. Marmalade also makes a splendid glaze for fruit tarts. Seville oranges are the traditional ingredient for marmalade, but they are only in season for a short time, and other citrus fruits may be made into single-fruit preserves, or into delectable mixtures of flavours. Seville oranges may be frozen in polythene bags, whole and without any preparation, so they may be cooked into extra batches of marmalade throughout the year.

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