The best of bathroom design

The best of bathroom design

Basins, water closets and lavatories all too often embody the worst of 1960s design without any technical advance over their nineteenth-century ancestors. The lavatories of the last century, for example, were objects of real beauty, with sculptural lines, comfortably throne-like mahogany seats, and the ceramic from which they were made was often

Finely decorated with inscriptions or flowers. Failing such a paragon, it is still quite easy to get hold of handsome bathroom suites dating from the beginning of the century until the 1930s, when bathroom design lost its way. And if the thought of second-hand bathroom fittings strikes you as highly dubious, there are excellent reproductions.

Showers can be fitted into the smallest spare corner under the stairs, just inside the back door, or in a cupboard. Ideally, the shower space should be tiled, with a glazed door and marble floor.

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