Summer House Apartments

Summer House Apartments

Decorating with Antique Quilts

If you’re more interested in purchasing an old quilt than making a new one, you can find many dealers in American folk art who sell them. If a quilt is quite old it can be framed and will make a lovely addition to any home. Early quilts made of geometric patchwork patterns can look surprisingly contemporary and fit in with any decorating scheme. In fact, they lend character as well as home-spun warmth wherever they are displayed.

Quilts to Use

It is easy to find a wide selection of new and affordable baby quilts in patchwork, applique, and printed designs for everyday use. Some have an old-fashioned quality, especially when early patterns are copied. But the newer, brighter, and bolder designs seem more appropriate for today’s lifestyle. Many baby quilts are made of a cotton blend for practical purposes, and they’re designed for visual stimulation. Just as quilt makers responded to their environment a century ago, we too are responding to our modern environment.

Plates As Art

Many people collect plates and use them as a decorative element in their homes. The custom of hanging ceramics originated in Europe. Plates of all sorts were used to decorate walls, around mirrors, along a mantelpiece, and around the top of a wall below the crown molding. At least as far back as the Renaissance there were ceramic plates with holes in the backs for hanging. They were found in very ornate, formal homes as well as in simple country ones.

Today decorators often hang plates as they would a grouping of paintings. However, unlike framed art, hanging plates create dimension. They can provide pattern on a wall where none exists. And, unlike wallpaper, plates are easy to remove when you want a change.

When interior decorator Mario Buatta decorated the White House guest house he hung some of the old family china on the dining room walls. If you don’t have old family treasures you can find pretty and inexpensive plates to use for decorating and no one will be the wiser.

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