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Macrina wore an iron cross over her heart and an iron ring, which is surprising, given that the Council of Laodicea can. 36 had prohibited such objects from being made or worn. Jerome rebuked women who wore small gospels or fragments of the cross In Mt. comm. IV, 23, as did Epiphanius Panarion 15,1. John Chrysostom preferred to see children wearing a cross rather than an amulet, and knew of the practice of wearing a fragment of the true cross mounted in gold as a necklace Hom. Quod Christus sit Deus. Clement attests the custom of incising Christian symbols on signet rings. Sudan Subway Map Christians loved wearing medals with a simple cross or the monogram of Christ or the profile of a saint, with an inscription, e.g., Dominus dat legem.

A papyrus has been discovered with an invocation of the blood of Christ Dlger, AC 5,255-261. A 4th-c. medal preserved at the Vatican Museum has the Virgin showing the Child to the Magi. Some believers had boxes with gospel pericopes inside Dlger, AC 5,110. The opening of Matthews gospel has been found on a papyrus at Cairo. The nails of the Crucifix were likewise reproduced, which leads to the theme of images and their cult. The cult of relics was not limited to the cross, but included the martyrs, their remains and everything that touched their remains: clothes, water from pilgrimages preserved in phials we have many examples, oil from sanctuary lamps, candle wax esp. from Paschal candles, even soil from Palestine. Hagiography informs us of the spread of this cult, which Augustine himself promoted in his last years. Catacomb graffiti also gives important evidence on worship, devotions and pilgrims.

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