Stained Floors

Stained Floors

Stains ( 136137) modify the colour of floorboards without affecting the appearance of the wood’s natural grain. As they always darken the wood, only use stains in situations where this is not a problem. Dark-stained boards are an excellent backdrop

Painted concrete is amazingly practical and hard-wearing; this bathroom has been painted with an abstract design that not only looks good but is also waterproof, cheap to implement and easily cleaned. The major investment to consider for a floor like this is your own time and patience – and creative skills.

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Paint is one of the cheapest and most versatile ways of transforming an old floor. This concrete floor has been given a new lease of life with this colourful and bold pattern; an otherwise drab material has become the ma n focal point of the room. The design of the pattern may be varied to suit the size and function of the site or richly coloured rugs and carpets, although it is important to select a neutral colour rather than a strong one such as mahogany, which would clash with a rug that is predominantly red, for instance. Formal rooms traditional drawing rooms, dining rooms and libraries look more sophisticated and imposing with darker floors. As richer and darker colours tend to be used to decorate these rooms, which are often used at night with soft lighting, evoking a more intimate feel, darker floors are a more discreet choice. Of course, a darker floor can also work successfully with a very light room, either for dramatic effect or as a backdrop for darker rugs. And dark colours tend to appear less oppressive the lower down they are used in the room; a dark oak floor can work well with pale walls and furnishing.

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