Spray Stencilling

Spray Stencilling

This tiny window achieves a brilliant combination of maximum light – due to the translucency of the car spray paint – and privacy. The subtle greens that are used for the fern pattern are made up from eight different shades of paint. The lacy border holds the whole design together.

The interior window, right, has been decorated with a ready-made stencil pattern. It is also created with car spray paint, to give it a delicately stippled effect. The success lies in careful masking and parsimony with paint.

A new leaf This subtle design uses the simplest of templates – fallen leaves collected on an autumn walk. Sheaves of leaves were stuck temporarily to the wall and painted over with a yellow glaze. For the window surround, a very dry mixture of green, white and a touch of red eggshell pnini was rubbed outwards from leaf templates that were cut from paper.

There are numerous stencils that can be bought ready-cut, but much of the fun of decorative finishes is creating your own designs.

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