Small Home Design Ideas

Small Home Design Ideas

How to Spatter-Paint

For a spatter-paint treatment you’ll need the same items as used for sponge-painting except you will substitute a toothbrush for the natural sponge. Once the background color is painted and completely dry, you will add spatters of color over all surfaces. Put a small amount of the second paint color in a shallow dish. Dip the toothbrush into the color and wipe excess paint onto newspaper. Then, while holding the brush over the piece of furniture, run your thumb over the bristles so that the paint spatters in a random manner. Continue to cover the furniture with spatter drops of paint. Finish as described above for sponge painting.

SO Using Bright Colors Successfully

Orange? You have to be kidding, I thought, as I read the reviews of the furniture show in Milan, Italy. In High Point, North Carolina, the showrooms are subdued with variations of beige. How can such a radical departure cross the ocean and insinuate itself into our homes? Add to the orange another up and coming “hot” color, chartreuse, and you have a color combination not many of us could live with. New colors are introduced each season. So how do we stay up-to-date without going crazy? Perhaps there are ways to incorporate new and sometimes radical colors into our decor in small doses.

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