Small Apartment Living Room Decor

Small Apartment Living Room Decor


The flame should be regulated to a strong jet, and brought close to the old paint, which will be crinkled and softened by the heat and then removed by the scraper. The burning should begin at the bottom, working upwards, as the heat of the flame rises.

Rubbing Down

This is best done with either pumice stone and water or waterproof sandpaper and water.

If pumice is used, two pieces will be required, one rather large piece rubbed first to a smooth face on a flat stone, and a smaller, shaped piece, which will be convenient for getting into the mouldings. If waterproof sandpaper is used, the same sheet will do for both level and curved surfaces, as the paper is quite pliable and will bend to fit the hollows and curves.

This rubbing down should be carefully done, keeping the parts under treatment well wetted, as the water acts as a lubricant to the abrasive. Special care should be taken to clean those parts of the panels immediately adjacent to the mouldings, as, owing to the shrinkage of the wood, ridges of old paint are sometimes found there.

It should be noted that the object of this rubbing down is not only to smooth the surface, but to kill the gloss on the old material, and thus provide a satisfactory base for the new paint. The rubbing being completed, the whole of the door should be swilled down to remove all traces of the sludge created.

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