Small Apartment Decorating Ideas Living Room

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas Living Room

Stopping Up

If there are any open joints or other inequalities, these should now be stopped up. First brush a little paint into these places, allow this to dry, and then fill the openings with a putty made as described later and smooth off with the knife. When this is quite hard, sandpaper the whole surface of the door and dust off.

Removing Old Paint

In the majority of cases, however, it is necessary, before repainting, to remove the old paint.

If there is any cracking or blistering apparent, or if the door has been repainted more than once without removal of the old paint, complete removal will now be advisable, and, indeed, is generally quite necessary if a good result is to be obtained. The safe rule is: when in doubt, remove.

There are two alternative methods of doing this.

Burning Off

This is done by means of the paraffin, petrol or benzol lamp. These lamps are exceedingly useful tools for many repair and other purposes, and if the householder possesses one, it can be used as the most inexpensive method.

The other tools required are a painter’s scraper, a square-bladed putty knife and a shave-hook of the heart-shape pattern. The scraper is for stripping the broad flat surfaces, the putty knife for narrower flats, and the shave-hook for the curved and hollow mouldings and the fine recesses, which are called “quirks”.

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