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Richards wife, Wendy, agrees. Judy and Carol and I were in a gourmet club once, and Judy was teaching us how to cook and entertain, she recalls. The only reason I was allowed to stay in the club was because I brought over takeout. I cant compete with Judy. The guests gather around the windows, where the skyline blinks with white lights and the Space Needle looms large. Can you imagine a better place to have a countdown? says Bill. Or a better reason to get together? Its still a while until midnight, and Judy has a diversion in mind. She retrieves a chilled bottle of champagne and pours each guest a glass. Thats Judy for youthe spirited one, says Carol. Heres to good friends, grand food, and great memories. Clams with Prosciutto and Thyme Sitting rooms pounds Manila or littleneck clams tablespoon olive oil tablespoons butter ounces prosciutto, diced garlic clove, minced teaspoon crushed red pepper V2 cup dry white wine strips lemon rind tablespoon chopped fresh thyme tablespoon chopped fresh parsley Garnishes: lemon wedges, fresh herbs Scrub clams well with a brush; discard opened or cracked clams or any heavy ones (indicating theyre filled with sand).

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