Room Design Methods

Room Design Methods

Painting wood and metalwork 213

The painting sequences for casement and sash windows outer sash. Now paint the upper cross-rail of the inner sash, the vertical bars of the inner sash and finish off with the top runners and behind the cords, the frame and sill.

Casement windows

Fix the window open with a piece of wire wound around a nail tapped into the bottom of the opening casement. First paint the glazing bars and rebates, next the upper and lower rails, then the hinge stile and this window edge. Follow with the outer stile, and finally the frame and sill let your paint overlap onto the glass by about 1mm (X6in) to seal the join between glass and frame and protect it from damp.

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A paint shield is a piece of shaped metal or plastic with a fine edge along one side. While you paint, you hold the fine edge against the glass, almost touching the glazing bar or side of the window. When using a paint shield, wipe it frequently to prevent it causing smears.

Stick masking or decorator’s tape around the edge of the glass close to the wood. Wide decorator’s tape, which is half self-adhesive and half plain paper, is the easier tape to remove when painting is complete. Peel away the tape before the paint has dried, otherwise it may take some paint with it.

Sash windows

Begin by reversing the window positions so that the bottom sash is pushed up and the top sash is pulled down. Paint the meeting rail and the vertical bars of the outer sash as far as is possible. Next, paint the area beneath the inner sash and the runners. Following this, paint the lower cross-rail and the underside of the inner sash. Leave to dry. Reverse the window positions and start by painting the upper cross-rail of the outer sash, and then the remainder of the vertical bars of the

This roomy colonial interior boasts an abundance of divided louvred shutters. They are ideal here, behind the desk, where their versatility can be exploited to advantage. One half of the shutters can be closed to shade the eyes while air and sunshine can still stream in above or below to refresh and inspire the mind.

1 To paint a casement window, follow the numbers, painting the opening windows first.

1 To paint a sash window, first reverse the position of the sashes, then follow the numbers.

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