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DECK REVIVAL Gather your supplies Post – 2100 x 88 x 88mm primed H2 treated pine Wall post – 960 x 90 x 42mm primed H2 treated pine Handrail – Various lengths of 90 x 42mm primed H2 treated pine 3.2mm stainless steel wire (11m per metre run of balustrade) 3.2mm swage (22 for each straight run of wire) 3.2mm thimble (22 for each straight run of wire) 5mm eye strap (22 for each straight run of wire) 5mm hook and eye turnbuckle (11 for each straight run of wire) Ezistep treads (6) Ezistep 6-tread stringer kit Stair post – 1160 x 88 x 88mm primed H2 treated pine 90mm treated pine decking Room design ideas Youll also need Cabot’s Deck Clean; bucket; stiff broom; pressure washer; power saw; hammer; wood chisel; drill; 10, 6 and 3mm drill bits; 150mm galvanised cup head bolts, washers and nuts (2 per post); spanner; 10mm masonry drill bit; M12 x 150mm galvanised masonry screws (for wall post); 75mm galvanised screws; exterior wood filler; sandpaper; self-priming exterior acrylic paint (we used Cabot’s Timbercolour in Paperbark and Ironstone); paintbrush, roller and tray; 3mm plywood strip; clamps; swaging tool; wire cutters; 100mm batten screws; concrete mix (2 bags); 150 x 75mm galvanised bracket (2); 100mm galvanised masonry screws (2 for stairs); M10 x 75mm hex head bolts, washers and nuts for treated pine (2 for stairs); nail gun and nails; plants; mulch Nofe After cutting primed treated pine, paint any exposed sides with a self-priming exterior acrylic paint prior to installation. Heres how STEP 1 To clean deck, mix 1 part Cabot’s Deck Clean and 4 parts water in bucket. Use stiff broom to scrub decking with solution. Leave for 20 minutes, then clean with pressure washer. STEP 2 To install extra posts to support balustrade, use power saw to cut a slot the same width as post in face decking boards. STEP 3 Use power saw, hammer and wood chisel to cut notches in post so it will sit over deck frame. Make notches deep enough that the new post is in line with existing posts. Position post so it extends 960mm above deck and below to 50mm above ground level. STEP 4 Put post in position. Using drill fitted with 10mm bit, drill through post and deck bearer. Thread a 150mm galvanised cup head bolt through hole, attach washer and nut, and use spanner to tighten. Check post for plumb then repeat to install a second bolt. STEP 5 To install wall post, drill 10mm holes through top, middle and bottom of post, positioning each hole at the centre of a brick. Switch to 10mm masonry bit and drill through hole into bricks. Insert 150mm masonry screw and tighten. From wreck to spectacular, reclaim your outdoor haven Bring on backyard living by revitalising your old deck. If structurally sound, it can easily be transformed and for a lot less than you might think. Here, materials cost under $2700. The result? A space that looks as good as new – its back to being the best seat in the house!

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