Retro Home Design Ideas

Retro Home Design Ideas

This is a 1950’s style, or 1960’s or 1970’s, a look backwards in decorating. Geometric patterns are used, even on floors, along with colored appliances (green or gold or even red) and shag rugs, lava lamps and tie-dyed fabrics.

The southwest look uses pottery, sandy colors, woven blankets with Indian designs, and cactus.

I must add a note here. I knew a woman and her whole house was done in southwest style, but oh, my, so overdone with Kokopelli figures and pottery everywhere. It was almost nauseating and I felt bad for her because she obviously didn’t know she’d gone overboard.

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In general, you don’t have to be a slave to fashion, or any one type of decorating style. Your home should be a mix of those things you absolutely love, so you’re surrounded with things that bring you joy every day.

So, whether you’re a single person, a single with children, married without kids, married with kids, a person with pets, an entertainer or a retiree, you need to take into consideration your lifestyle needs before you can formulate your budget for decorating. What is more important to you? Perhaps you’re struggling to pay off student loans or have other problems. This blog is geared more for the people with limited budgets, and actually have champagne tastes and a beer budget!!

I was a single parent for years, and I have to say, sometimes my decorating budget was next to nothing. So lots of the tips in this blog have been worked.

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