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If the half-set mixture then wrinkles when pushed with a finger, it is ready to put into hot jars. Take the marmalade off the heat and leave to stand for about 10 minutes, then stir well to distribute the peel. Be sure to fill jars right to the top (a special jam funnel will aid this process and keep the jars clean). A waxed disc should be put on top immediately to give an airtight seal before covering, labelling and storing. Make up these recipes in the quantities specified. It is very tempting to double or treble recipes, but the weight is difficult to handle and may boil over. Additionally, the increased quantities lengthen cooking time considerably, and this can result in a thick, sticky marmalade with hard peel. A succulent serving: guinea-fowl with sweet peppers. Marinated kipper fillets: an impressive substitute for smoked salmon.

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