Pictures Of Bedroom Decor

Pictures Of Bedroom Decor

Loading the Brush

Having carefully poured the varnish into the jar, the brush should be dipped for about an inch of the length of the bristles into the varnish. Whereas, in painting, the brush is sometimes patted against the side of the kettle to distribute the paint among the bristles, this should be avoided in varnishing.


The brush with its charge of varnish should be applied straight to the door. In varnishing the panels, first brush downward, then across, and then finish up and down to spread the varnish evenly. The cross stiles should be done in a different order of strokes finished lengthways. The upright stiles should be done as the panels. Varnish should not be applied sparingly like paint. As much should be applied as will “stay put” without running.

If the door is a panelled one, the panels should be done first, then the mouldings, thirdly, the upright centre stile, fourthly, the cross stiles and finally, the upright side stiles.

If the above-described processes and precautions are observed, the entrance door should be a thing of beauty and an adornment to the house.

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