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Deep-buttoned seating and a pair of ottomans, fringed and tasselled, form the main seating-area in the sitting-room. 4 The Egyptian theme in the bedroom is established by the frieze of Egyptian motifs and hieroglyphs, and continues in the large rug and capitals of the pilasters. dogs, many of which are reflected in the mirrored Aesthetic Movement sideboard. The remarkably handsome pine cupboard, with broken pediment and carved pilasters, houses china and glass, including pieces by Biot. Between the panelled walls and compartmented ceiling is a hand-painted Gothic-style frieze using colours which match those of the chinoiserie chairs.

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Pictures of modern living rooms_0.jpgPictures of modern living rooms_2.jpgPictures of modern living rooms_6.jpgPictures of modern living rooms_7.jpgPictures of modern living rooms_1.jpgPictures of modern living rooms_4.jpgPictures of modern living rooms_3.jpgPictures of modern living rooms_5.jpgIn addition, the study reported the consumption of 4,000 IU on a daily basis to be harmless to mother and baby. 24 Some establishments recommend a lower dose so please consult your doctor regarding this matter to find out what is best for you.25 One fact that is likely is that if you are depending on a prenatal vitamin for sufficient vitamin D levels, the 400 International Units (IU) found in most prenatal vitamins probably isn’t enough. Also, as I mentioned earlier in this chapter, many prenatal vitamins contain vitamin D2 and that does not absorb well; vitamin D3 is far superior. Vitamin D is only available in a few foods (see table below) so it is very difficult to get sufficient vitamin D from food alone. If you live in an area where it is possible, responsible sun exposure will do wonders for vitamin D levels. Direct sunlight on as much of your body’s surface as possible for around 10-15 minutes per day (with no sunscreen and not through a window) is very substantial.

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