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Early influences The lush decoration of Nancy Stoddart Huangs flat in New York reflects a medley of influences, described by Lavinia Bolton. Photographs by Simon Brown 1-3 The library, hung with damask, opens off the hall (2) and leads through an arched doorway to the dining-room (1). It also interconnects with the sitting-room, seen reflected in the massive gilt-framed mirror. The choice of deep upholstered furniture, opulent colours and strong patterns is very much a reaction against the uncompromisingly formal lines and plain fabrics of Nancy Huangs childhood home. all interior decorators with an ounce of honesty acknowledge that their work, however idiosyncratic, has been shaped by outside influences. Nancy Stoddart Huang, whose New York apartment is illustrated here, is no exception, though some of the influences might be described as more negative than positive.

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