Pictures For Living Rooms

Pictures For Living Rooms

THE CORRECT PREPARATION OF THE SURFACE IS IMPORTANT. Plaster of Paris made into a thick paste with water should be used to fill any cracks or abrasions.

Supposing, then, that it has been decided to renovate our kitchen, how shall we go about it?

Much will depend, of course, upon the condition in which it now is and our own personal preference, but the fact that it is a place where cooking and other domestic work has to be done will largely govern our choice. Obviously, many of the materials and treatments suitable for an entertammg-room would be quite out of place here.

Alternative Treatments

There are, however, three alternative types of treatment which, in varying degree, would be practicable for the ceiling and walls.

The first is to treat them with a washable distemper or water paint in appropriate colours. If the house is a new one and the plaster surfaces are in good condition and have never been covered with anything before, such a scheme would be quite suitable.

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