Pictures For Decorating A Living Room

Pictures For Decorating A Living Room

The second is to use wallpapers of suitable design and texture and of a type which is impervious to steam and wear and tear.

“Sanitary” papers (by which is meant wallpapers which are printed in oil colours) are fairly durable and can be made so by varnishing, either during manufacture or after they have been hung.

The third, and in the opinion of experts the best method, is to use paint, for a properly painted surface is not only extremely durable, but is easily washable and, therefore, particularly hygienic.

Preparation of Surface

In all kinds of painting the preparatory processes are important. Upon the manner in which they are carried out depends much of the success of the final result. This is particularly true of interior surfaces, such as walls, which are under a constant and close inspection.

Bare plaster, provided that it is dry and that, if new, it has been left long enough for the lime content to become dormant, is the easiest kind of surface to prepare.

Any cracks or any abrasions of any kind that there may be should be filled up with plaster of Paris made into a thick paste with water.

As this sets rapidly, it should be mixed in small quantities and used immediately. The crack to be filled should be thoroughly wetted, the plaster mixture put in with a knife or trowel and, before it has time to set, it should be carefully smoothed level with the bare tool, which itself should be kept wetted.

A thorough sandpapering of the whole surface so as to remove all loose grit and a careful dusting down is all the further preparation required before proceeding to paint.

However the plaster work is more likely not to be new, but to be covered with old distemper, wallpaper or paint.

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