The persistence of memory Bali home design

Located in Pantai Brawa in the Canggu area, this two-storey house was constructed entirely out of old teakwood and set in the middle of rice fields. The owner, Aulia, originally from Sumatra, Indonesia, has lived in Bali for more than twenty years and he designed this place.

As he loves vernacular Indonesian art and enjoys being surrounded by quality works, Aulia fills the rustic interiors as well as the compound with creative art pieces collected from throughout the country. One example is the ancient millstone (see above), which is reminiscent of the day-to-day village life that existed before the advent of industry. These primitive artworks not only inspire with their antiquity, but they also make a point about the cyclical and continuous nature of life. The reality of the past thus co-exists with a present interpretation of it in a seamless marriage of traditional and contemporary.

The tone is set at the entrance to the compound (see left), as an ancient panel supported by primitive pillars, together with a tree sculpture, greets the visitor. A simple wooden fence running along the border of the premises leads one further into the intriguing compound. Further on, one finds the entrance doorway in a very modern stone and wood design, beyond which an old Sumba stone acts as an aling aling (see overleaf). Protecting yet inviting, this screen offers an ideal setting for the works of primitive art skilfully arranged within.

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