Patio Flooring Ideas

Patio Flooring Ideas


Oil- and water-based varnishes can be used straight out of the container but must be stirred thoroughly before use. Oil-based varnish dries slowly, so sealing a floor will take days rather than hours. Acrylic varnish is recoatable after 2 hours, which speeds things up considerably.

If you do use an acrylic varnish, ensure that you use one specifically formulated foi floors because the ordinary varnishes are not as hard-wearing as some of the solvent-based products. It is worth checking too that it will not react with any existing floor coatings. Oi paints can take days if not weeks to cure properly, and uncured oil paint can cause acrylic varnish to craze.

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Start in the corner furthest from the dooi and brush the varnish on fairly generously but working along only a couple of boards a a time. When the first coat has dried, apph the second coat in the same way. You shoulc continue to apply varnish until you have , minimum of three coats in low-traffic area and as many as five coats in rooms that wil receive major wear and tear.

Varnishing, lacquering and waxing


If you are re-finishing a previously varnished floor, you will first have to roughen the surface and dislodge deeply ingrained dirt using medium-grade wire wool and water. Then, using a sugar-soap solution, clean the surface again to remove any remaining grease and wipe clean with a damp cloth. If you are working with newly painted or stained floors, you will only need to vacuum to remove the dust from the floor. If the room has been sanded, ensure that all the walls and any other surfaces are dust-free before varnishing. Open all the windows, as solvent-based products give off strong fumes which can be harmful.

Unless it is very cold outside, a draught will help the sealer to dry more quickly. For a super-smooth finish, sand the sealer with a fme-grade silicon carbide paper before applying the final coat.

Floors in bathrooms should be sealed with particular care in order to prevent the wood becoming waterlogged. This floor is finished with a matt varnish, the most discreet of floor finishes. Although matt finishes should be avoided in areas of heavy wear, the effect here is subtle and elegant, and, given the appropriate care, the varnish will survive many years.

Lacquering Waxing

1 Work with enough ‘mixed’ lacquer to cover a quarter of the floor; spread it on quickly, and as thickly as possible.

1 Apply floor wax with a dry cloth. When it is dry, and regularly thereafter, buff it up with a cloth.

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