Outdoor Designs Alpine Gaiters

Outdoor Designs Alpine Gaiters

Colorful Dining

The only place I might use orange is on a dining table. A table setting for a party might be pretty in these vivid, acid colors. Create a centerpiece by filling a bowl with bright oranges and adding a few green limes for accent. Or, you might use a bunch of plump orange/yellow peaches. In this way you can be in style without painting your dining room orange.

In all honesty, I’ve seen rooms painted these colors in the South and they look terrific. However, I don’t think this is something I’d recommend unless you live in the tropics, where the bright light tends to wash out even eye-popping colors. Anywhere else in the country, I don’t predict a run on orange paint at most home centers in the near future. Coral, perhaps, but not orange!

Cheerful Summer Party Decor

For a summertime party on the porch, fill a large clay pot with ripe nectarines or kumquats to use as a centerpiece. Or fill a bright yellow plastic watering can with anemones or daisies. Fill large colorful buckets with ice to hold bottles of soda on a side table.

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