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RETAINING WALL Gather your supplies 200 x 50 x 2400mm or 3000mm treated pine sleepers Quick-set concrete (1 bag per hole) 100mm bugle head screws Timber stain (optional) Youll also need Post-hole digger; tape measure; circular saw; spirit level; stringline; shovel; set-out paint; power drill; crowbar Note Youll need enough sleepers for the length and height of the wall, plus extras for the capping and posts. Each post must be 600mm long plus the height of the wall below the capping. STEP 1 Use post-hole digger to dig 2 end post holes 600mm deep. Office interior design ideas STEP 2 Cut posts to length with circular saw: 600mm plus height of the wall and 150mm for final adjustment. STEP 3 Stand a post in 1 hole, make plumb and level. STEP 4 Half-fill hole with water, then pour in quick-set concrete. As quickly as you can, re-plumb the post and check for level. Let concrete set (about 20 minutes). Repeat with other end post. STEP 5 Run stringline between posts, then use shovel to dig a shallow trench on the garden side of stringline, deep enough so the bottom course of sleepers will sit just below grass level. Tip The stringline indicates where the back of each post should sit. STEP 6 Use set-out paint to mark position of interval posts. If using 2400mm sleepers, make intervals 1200mm apart. For 3000mm sleepers, keep 1500mm apart. At each interval dig a post hole 600mm deep and set a post in each with concrete. STEP 7 Starting from the bottom of trench, use power drill to attach sleepers horizontally to posts using 100mm bugle head screws. STEP 8 As you go, check for level, using flat end of crowbar to tap into place. Stagger joins on next layer of sleepers. Repeat until sleepers reach top of posts. STEP 9 Mark posts where level with top layer of sleepers and cut off excess post length with circular saw. STEP 10 Finish wall with sleepers laid flat on top for a neat finish and casual garden seat. Measure a 50mm overhang on each side of the wall. (If staining sleepers, see Handy tip, above). For project supplies, see Stockists page What we planted…

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