Modern Sitting Room

Modern Sitting Room

* Towels and shower curtains have basically the same composition at the discount houses or the department stores, so why not save a bit at the marts? (Although their very cheapest towels are skimpy, so bypass those!)

* Thrift stores carry nightlights and containers for under sink storage. Also cruise for light fixtures and second-hand vanities.

* Change out towels often, even daily. They are so simple to wash and dry.

* A trick for folding thinner towels to make them look thicker: Fold bath towels in thirds lengthwise, overlapping if necessary. Fold in half, then as you’re placing them on the rack, push the folded edge towards the back of the rack. Do the same for a lighter colored hand towel, and hang this over the bath towel. Fold a matching washcloth in half on the diagonal, then again, forming a triangle. Place this on top of the folded towels.

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(Note: a word on towel displays. J had a friend who had intricate towel ‘displays’ in her bathroom and she freaked out if anyone actually used them! So, what’s the point in that?? Towels should be used, but that doesn ’t mean they can’t be attractive hanging there!! Also, folded fluffy towels look pretty on bathroom shelves.)

Your bedroom should be an oasis. Unfortunately, in many houses, little or no attention is paid to furnishing bedrooms and this is very sad. I’ve seen houses with threadbare bedclothes and one skimpy, lumpy pillow.

So, a way to start this bedroom transformation is to buy yourself two new bed pillows if you have full, queen or king, and one pillow for twin beds. You’d be surprised what a difference this one change will make.

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