Modern Painting Home Decorating Techniques

Modern Painting Home Decorating Techniques

Besides picking a color, knowing different modern painting techniques can definitely help you add a bit more flare to an otherwise plain well. If you’re looking for something that adds texture and personality into the space then this is something you must certainly employ. In this chapter, we’ll talk about some of the most popular varieties.

Color blocking. The name itself should help you picture what it looks like. This basically involves adding a graphic element to the wall itself. Typically, this uses geometric shapes that dress up the wall, but you can also opt to make use of something more complex such as silhouettes. It can be as minimalist or as playful as your imagination makes. This would be more suited for modern spaces and can be used to create a focal point if you want to highlight a certain area of the house or distract from it. It also works as an alternative to your traditional wall art.

Stencilling. The modern alternative to the wallpaper. This will certainly add a bit more texture and flare to any wall. The best bit is that there are numerous stencil designs that range from the classic wallpaper based designs to more modern and graphic styles that’s sure to make your walls pop. They can be used as side, top or bottom accents if you’re looking for more subtlety. You can also use them anywhere, from your doors to even the stairs.

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Strie. The French word for stripe. This faux finish painting technique lends a subtle streaked appearance to the walls. Seen from a distance, it actually appears as if the wall has been covered with texture fabric, particularly denim or silk. This is a pretty versatile style and can be used in any room. Its elegance is well-loved by many and when coupled with more neutral colors, it adds a bit more life to the average minimalist space. However, it is also very adjustable so you’ll find that it will suit most of your needs regardless of your house’s theme or overall design.

Color wash. If you’re looking for something that’s eye-catching, but not as graphic as the first two options then this would be your best bet. This technique creates a soft, cloudlike effect on your walls. Because of its relaxing appearance, this style is often seen in bedrooms, powder rooms and bathrooms in which it lends its dreamy atmosphere. Neutral colors are the best suited for this style.

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