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This will make 34 lb. or about 11 gallons of paint and cover approximately 1,200 square feet, one coat.

After again allowing full time for drying, sandpaper and dust again.

The composition of the third and final coat will depend upon whether a glossy, an egg-shell.

How to obtain Various Finishes.

For a dull finish, the following formula will be suitable:

Genuine white-lead paste Genuine turpentine Copal varnish Patent paste driers

Here we get a total of 33 lb. or about 1 gal. of paint, to cover about 1,250 square feet of surface.

For an egg-shell or half-gloss finish the quantity of varnish should be increased to 1 lb. and the turpentine should be decreased to 3£ lb.

If a full gloss is required the same formula should be modified by reducing the turpentine to \ lb., omitting the varnish and substituting 3 lb. raw linseed oil, and increasing the driers to li lb.

It may be mentioned here that if liquid driers are used instead of the patent paste type, only one-quarter the above quantities will be required, as they are much more powerful in action.

It will be observed that all the above formulae are for white paints. If, as is most likely, coloured paints are required, the only alteration to the formulae required is that for the second and final coatings there will require to be added a sufficient quantity of paste colour or colours to produce the required tint. The correct method of mixing is as follows.

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