Modern Living Room Ideas For Apartment

Modern Living Room Ideas For Apartment

A Four-coat Job

If a four-coat job is required, the third coat may be similar in composition to the second, described.

All the above refers to work which was begun with a bare plaster surface. On surfaces which have been previously painted or varnished, the number of coats required will be one less, but the processes required will be as those already given, omitting only Formula A and its application.

A Varnish Finish

If it is desired to add a varnish finish to the work or any part of it, the last coat of paint should be mixed according to the directions given for a flat finish, as varnish should always be applied over a dull undercoating.

Also, when varnish is to be applied, there should not be any stippling of the finishing coat of paint, but it should be laid off as smoothly as possible with the brush.

In applying varnish, the most scrupulous cleanliness must be observed. If the same brushes that have been used for painting are to be used for varnish, they must be first thoroughly washed in turpentine, then in soap and warm water, then swilled out in clean water, and allowed to become perfectly dry before being put into the varnish.

A spotlessly clean vessel (a large jam jar is quite suitable) must be used, and care taken to avoid any dust in the room, both during application and for at least twelve hours after.

The type of varnish used will depend on the colour of the paint to be covered. If the colour is dark, copal carriage varnish will suffice, but if the colours are pale, such a varnish will darken them. In such cases, an extra pale decorative or white oil varnish is called for.

The varnish is applied much as is described for painting, except that excessive brushing must be avoided. Once the surface is covered with the right thickness it should be left. The theory of sound workmanship is that, whereas coats of paint should be well brushed out into a thin film, varnish should be as generously applied as may be without it running.

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