Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Tie-backs and hold-backs Tie-backs

A pair of original and amusing fabric tie-backs have been created by taking conventional curtain restraints and sewing mother-of-pearl buttons all over them. These twinkle in the light from the window, echoing the spots of glitter on the curtains themselves.

During the day, curtains are drawn back to let as much light as possible into a room or to reveal other layers of curtain dressing such as lace, net or a light-diffusing blind. The curtains either hang straight down or can be restrained by tie-backs or hold-backs fixed to the wall at the sides of the window. Tie-backs are made of fabric, rope, cord or any other soft material that can be tied, and hold-backs are made of metal or wood.

A tie-back can be decorated with anything that can be sewn or glued to a suitable backing, threaded onto cord or plaited into a rope, and which is sufficiently resilient to withstand the daily business of being undone and done up again. Beads, for instance, can be sewn or threaded; a fringe of corks can be threaded together; roses and leaves made from brilliantly coloured velvet or glazed cotton can look stunning; a plait of hessian rope looks rugged and is well suited to fabrics such as unbleached calico or natural linen.

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