Modern House Design For Sqm Lot

Modern House Design For Sqm Lot

Storing brushes used for oil painting

1 For long-term storage, wash brushes first in white spirit to loosen the paint, then in warm soapy water.

2 For overnight storage, suspend unwashed brushes in jam jars filled with water, or wrap in paper or clingfilm.

A beautifully smooth paint finish in vivid yellow draws the eye towards this window frame and the garden beyond. Few of us have so steady a hand that we can paint a window frame without leaving splashes on the panes. Fortunately, paint is easily removed from glass; simply wait for the paint to dry, then carefully scrape it off.

Foreign bodies stuck in the paint

Wet paint will trap anything that touches it. such as clothing fibres, dust specks or small insects. Experts usually recommend leaving the paint until it is dry, then sanding and touching up with paint. But if the paint is wet and the foreign body is just one item (a fly or paintbrush bristle, for example, rather than a cloud of dust) you might feel confident enough to have a go at removing it in one neat swipe with a clean rag.


This will appear if one layer of paint has been applied before a previous one was completely dry, or if the paints are not compatible. Unfortunately the only way to correct crazing is to strip off the paint completely and re-apply.

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