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Sphere of Human Needs

Sphere and triangle of human needs. The factors that the sensitive designer must address reflect three layers of understanding of the human being, Modern homes all of which must be considered at the same time for design to be successful.

Triangle of Human needs securus, is to be carefree; it can be interpreted as having peace of mind or a sense of confidence that allows someone to be free and unencumbered. A secure environment is more than just safe. It is not only devoid of any dangers; it allows people to relax, and perform their activities with confidence, free of worry. Moving beyond fulfilling basic functional needs into providing comfort and aesthetics requires a profound understanding of human nature and sound design knowledge.

Prospect and refuge, light and dark, small and large, are just some of the binary opposites required in designed environments to satisfy our need for safety and security.46 And, of course, they also characterize primitive caves and huts. Once our need for safety is identified and analyzed, it can be translated into criteria for shaping new designs that foster a greater sense of security in people.

Discussions of safety are familiar from urban design and planning literature, the most famous example of which is Jane Jacobs’ classic The Death and Life of Great American Cities, published in 1961. She defines the first role of city sidewalks – in her view, the most basic element of urban design – as ensuring safety, thanks to the many pairs of eyes on the street that offer constant, benign surveillance. She describes three necessary conditions for safety that are equally applicable to the design of exterior and interior spaces:

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