Modern Design Living Room

Modern Design Living Room

Piping on a tie-back

Piping is made by enclosing piping cord in a strip of fabric cut on the bias. The length of fabric strip must allow for piping to go right round the shape, plus an extra 3cm (IKin) for overlapping the ends. You may find it necessary to join strips in order to achieve the right length. The width of the fabric strip needs to be the circumference of the piping cord plus 3cm (114in), i.e. twice the seam allowance. The strip of fabric is folded in half and the cord enclosed within it. The cord should be stitched in as close to the fold as possible, and the raw edges of the seam allowance left.

If using piping on a tie-back, attach it at the point of sewing the two main fabric pieces together. It is stitched to the right side of the fabric at the seam line. To do this, align the raw edges of the tie-back sections and the piping. When the piping turns a corner, a section will need to be clipped out of the seam allowance at that point to ensure the fabric does not kink.

To finish off, turn the tie-back the right way out and sew up the gap with slip stitch, on the inside edge of the piping.

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