The T-shaped swimming pool-the main focus of the patio- is designed to face West so that the beauty of the Balinese sunset can be fully savoured. Here at the heart of the house, the feeling of having arrived at a private oasis is enhanced by the choice of colours and natural materials. The colour of the palm fronds is reflected in the green of the pool, and the natural tones of pebbles, white ivory stone, and pebble-wash white finish of the sunset bridge complement the warm bengkerai wood in the flooring perfectly.

The master bedroom has the same feel of intimate seclusion as the lounge in the main house. Elegant silk mosquito nets softly frame the coconut wood bed, harmonizing with the rich teak of the flooring and the warm tones of the precious Afghanistan rug. Two royal cili statues symbolizing Dewi Sri, goddess of rice and prosperity, silently stand watch.

The living room, located at the end of the swimming pool, extends the sense of space and light that characterizes the house. MODERN BALI HOME DESIGNS Set on a palimanan stone floor, the furnishings include two rattan sofas with fitted cushioning in black linen, white silk pillows, and a glass-topped table crafted from an Irian Jaya canoe. On the latter, a white stone horse and rider carving from Sumba is displayed.

The decor in this secluded corner of the small lounge in the main house is reminiscent of the Arabian Nights-it appears to have been designed for the exchange of intimacies and confidences and private storytelling sessions a la Scheherazade. Silk curtains gracefully drape the large ivory terrazzo sofa base, and a plush red silk mattress and cushions provide comfort and warmth. An old Balinese painting “ider ider” depicts the Hindu god Arjuna being distracted by angels while meditating. In the wall niches, two ornate boxes with secret compartments in the back, store lantars (ancient Balinese scripts on leaves), recording clan histories. A sinuous statue of a female figure representing Dewi Sri, goddess of rice and prosperity, is mounted on the wall. Called Rambut Sedona, this type of statue is fashioned almost entirely from old Chinese coins, except for the head, hands and feet, which are made of wood and covered with gold leaf.

White palimanan stone floors, pebble wash finishing for the walls, and along along in the ceiling set the scene for the bathroom, which combines the comfort of traditional facilities with the pleasures of open-air bathing. Warm teak is used in the wash table, which is decorated with an inlaid shell motif, while soft lighting illuminates the functional wall niches fitted with mirrors.

The 19th-century royal pavilion from Madura houses a guest room, which exudes comfort and tranquillity. Inside, fine ceiling-to-floor mosquito nets frame the beds, setting off the rich colour of the handwoven silk bedspread with antique Laotian decorations, while the old Pakistani carpet adds tactile interest. The focal point of the room, however, is the lamp base, which is in the form of Sendi, or “The Lady with Wings”, a Balinese symbol of prosperity. The statue-lamp is set at the head of the bed and blesses the room and its occupants.

Rectangular white stone slabs form a bridge between the dining room and the lounge area.




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