Log Home Designs And Prices

Log Home Designs And Prices

Directory of window and door furniture

Doors and windows are equipped with various fittings to facilitate their movement and security. Generally referred to as ‘furniture’, these fittings may be unobtrusive or more decorative and in a style to suit the period of your home. Except for some door knobs and handles, they are usually made of metal, including iron, brass and chrome.

Additional paraphernalia can be fitted to doors to perform various functions, including providing security with bolts and locks. A front door might also be fitted with a spy hole, a knocker, a letter plate and house numbers, with a bell nearby on the outside wall. These items can be handsome or elaborate antiques, reproductions or interesting modern designs, or anything in between so long as they are appropriate to the door in scale and design.

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Doors Knobs

Door knobs are twisted to operate the opening mechanism, except for those on cupboards which are designed to be pulled. Traditionally, they are made of iron, brass, glass, china, plastic or wood, and are sometimes finished in other materials like copper or chrome. Some eighteenth-and nineteenth-century examples are elaborately decorated and mounted on interestingly shaped back plates. Contemporary designs range in shape and type from sleek steel to coloured resin ‘shells’. Old knobs can be bought from industrial stripping workshops, second-hand markets and junk or antique shops. D


Because of the pressure exerted on them, handles are usually made in fairly robust materials such as iron, brass or plastic. Their design ranges widely.

Panelled or flush door are usually either brass, in which case they should not be painted, or iron, which can be painted. It is advisable to remove paint from the screw heads so that they can be unscrewed easily at a later date if necessary. 0

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