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The cabin offers unparalleled tranquility with the constant flow of the running river. There is also the early-morning sound of geese and ducks; at night, there's the crazy-loud frog chorus. The Delanys regularly spot bald eagles, herons, wild turkeys, and ospreys. (A friend brings night-vision goggles when he visits so they can glimpse nocturnal minks.

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Aside from the water and the wildlife, the owners don’t have to contend with many noises. Their closest neighbors are a third of a mile away. The property is very private with no development on the river to speak of, and parcels on the river are in the hundreds of acres, says Kitty.

Perched 130 feet above the 500-foot-wide riverbank, the owners reap the benefit of the land’s unique topography: their very own “microclimate” created by cool, moist air rising off the water and the angle of the sun on the hillside. Such conditions encourage an atypical growth of mountain laurel. (According to Jim, another patch can’t be found for another 50-100 miles. )

Despite being nicked away, rhe owners are actually close ro civilization. It feels like we re in rhe middle of rhe mountains, ” says Jim. And yet, just fifteen minutes away we have five-star restaurants. ?

With this cabin, the square footage of the outdoor living spaces exceeds that of the Indoor spaces.

Not that rhe family dines out much. They prefer to gather in rhe screened porch for meals at their dining room table, which seats up to twelve. If it’s chilly, we move the table in Iront of the outdoor fireplace, ” says Kitty. We even hosted Thanksgiving at the cabin one year. .

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