Living Rooms Elegant

Living Rooms Elegant

Finding Plates in Unexpected Places

Finding a plate while traveling can become the basis for a collection. For one thing, a plate is easy to pack between clothing in a suitcase. Last year I brought back an entire set of classic blue-and-yellow-rimmed plates I found while traveling in Europe. The plates were easy to pack as we had brought bubble packing for this purpose.

Suggestions for a Collection

Mixing and matching plates for display and for use can provide one with an interesting hobby, a safe obsession, a focal point of interest when shopping, and even a valuable collection. If you want to start collecting plates here are a few suggestions: Limoges, Lus-terware, Mochaware, Delft, Biscuit, Porcelain, Quimper, Faience, Spongeware, Staffordshire, Stoneware, Transferware, Wedgwood, Yellowware, and Spatterware.

Gathering Information

There are many good posts devoted exclusively to collecting ceramics. Most are well-illustrated with everything from the history of pottery and porcelain in general, to those devoted to a specific type in detail. It’s fascinating to read about different chinaware and in so doing you’ll stumble on something that is particularly appealing to you. Sometimes a collection is created to add to the interior decor, but it can happen the other way around. You may find a collectible you love, and build your furnishings around the colors and patterns of the plates. Either way, these items will provide a nice focal point in a room.

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