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The building was originally the Department of Motor Vehicles for the city of Palm Springs. Although officially there is no definitive architect associated with the building, its overall construction and use of materials closely resembles the Palm Springs City Hall building by architects Albert Frey, Robson C. Chambers, John Porter Clark, and E. Stewart Williams. The circular hollowed metal drums on the fagade of the building mirror the ones on the fagade of the city hall building.

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Contemporary-Living-room-Design-Ideas-uk1.jpgI also included carbohydrate foods that we recommend limiting or eliminating for your convenience. You may be wondering why the whole wheat versions of bread, pasta, crackers, and flour are on the list to avoid since these counterparts are touted as items that should be consumed to avoid and/or treat gestational diabetes. The truth of the matter is there is little difference between two pieces of white bread and two pieces of whole wheat bread with regard to their ingredients and nutritional make-up. Let’s compare one leading brand of white bread to one leading brand of wheat bread so we can see the similarities (see next page). As you can see, there is very little difference between the white and wheat bread. It’s thought that since wheat bread has double the amount of fiber, it will not affect blood sugar levels negatively, but that is false. That measly extra 1.

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