Living Room Ideas For An Apartment

Living Room Ideas For An Apartment

First, purge your closets, THEN buy storage containers.

Upright, hanging shoe caddies are the best. If you’ve got the space, hang everything, shorts, skirts, even sweaters. (Be sure to hang by type, then by color)

A vanity, if you have room, is a nice touch. We stayed at a hotel once, which had a vanity area, and I loved it so much, I bought a vanity when we got home. It takes up very little space and beats leaning over the bathroom sink to apply makeup!

A sitting area in the bedroom is nice, where you can have morning coffee and read the newspaper or tablet.

Handy items in or on a bedside table: lamp, reading glasses, lotion, tissues, a flashlight, and pen and paper to write down your dreams. A large, pretty basket can hold magazines and blogs.

If you don’t have space in the bedroom for a dresser, a small dresser might go in the closet for socks and underwear.

I would urge you to clear the clutter every day in your bedroom. This is the one thing that you can do to make your life more pleasant. Take five minutes in the morning to make the bed and pick up clothes. Take five more minutes every day to empty all baskets (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, den and laundry room) and you’ll feel like a million bucks!!

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