Living Room Home Decor Ideas

Living Room Home Decor Ideas

* Check thrift stores for gently used luggage racks/holders. Some might fold up and remain in the closet when not in use.

* Recycle old furniture like tables, chairs or sofas from other rooms here. With slipcovers or a professional cleaning, the guests can enjoy a nice sofa or chair for reading.

Suit your children’s rooms to their ages: baby, toddler, preschooler, pre-teen, and teen.

Build storage around kid’s needs. A blogworm would need more shelves than a science-minded kid.

Fabrics may follow this approximation: gingham for girls, corduroy for boys and plush fabrics for the stuffed animal lover.

Wash and switch out your child’s pillow(s) often, especially a child with asthma or allergies. (You also might want to do the same for stuffed animals. They can be placed in a plastic bag, then in the freezer for a few days to kill dust mites.)

Canopies for a little girl’s room can be fun, as when else will she have the chance to sleep under a gingham canopy? (I had a friend who said her childhood was deprived, so she put up a four poster bed with mosquito netting. Husband’s reaction? “Where are we, Calcutta??”)

Bunk beds are a blast for either girls or boys. This is a fun addition to the room and will help with friends sleeping overnight. (Be sure to teach safety from the top bunk so there are no accidents!)

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