Living Room Designs For Small Spaces

Living Room Designs For Small Spaces

If you have a nursery, invest in a very safe crib. Color walls to carry over a few years. Murals are a headache to get rid of, but if you must, buy enough paint to cover them properly when the time comes. A second hand changing table is okay, as it will only be used a year or two. Buy furniture to transition to toddler age, and keep foot traffic areas clear (no throw rugs to trip on) as you’ll be carrying the baby in and out of the room.

With a toddler, safety first! Everything seems to go in their mouth, so plan accordingly. Buy a good, sturdy twin bed, and it will last ’til the teen years. Protect the mattress with plastic sheeting. Think about practical toy storage, like low shelves and a toy box easily opened and shut. At this toddler level, you can start teaching them the value of clutter control early in life. Think safety regarding any storage containers in your house, and make sure toddler can’t get stuck or mash hands or be locked inside. Plastic is great for containers, but no plastic bags here.

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With the preschooler’s room, think alphabet, numbers, and letters. A blackboard is a great teaching method (provided your child is out of the ‘everything goes into the mouth’ stage!).

Make large letters and numbers out of construction paper and hang on a bulletin board or on the wall. Get the preschooler used to the backpack concept, and keep it stocked with crayons and blank paper or coloring blogs.

It’s imperative for school aged kids to have a place for doing homework, as it’s never too early to instill good study habits. A second-hand desk works well here, sand it down and paint with enamel in your child’s favorite color. Use a simple, reachable system of clothing storage, whether clothes are hung or folded. A charge station for tablets and phone is handy here, along with fun bunk beds.

Let your pre-teen pick the colors for their rooms. Never force this though, if they don’t know from colors, then shop for a bedspread, quilt or throw or even a picture, then paint or decorate with those colors in mind. Give your pre-teen a few extra plush bed pillows, either glam or funky or animal prints. Wild colors work well here.

From pre-teen to teens, more blogshelves might be needed to hold treasured stuffed animals, blogs or science projects or pretty boxes from fabric or craft stores. Do your best to get your teen/pre-teen a desk and a computer. Refurbished computers are cheap and readily available, perfect for this age group.

Teens enter into difficult areas sometimes, but they want privacy above all else. They need space to become their own person. They love ‘body’ pillows and throw pillows on the bed. Let teens pick their room colors and bedspreads or quilts. Teens go for animal prints, zebra stripes or mod designs. Leave a spot in the room for CD storage. Focus on the closet, as clothes are all important to teens. They need space for their clothes, space for private dressing, daydreaming, sleeping, a charge station for phones and computers, bulletin boards for pics of friends, blogcases and a study area complete with all school supplies. Close the door to their rooms on messes, as that’s just the way teens are. Focus on important issues, not messy rooms.

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