Living room decorating ideas for apartments

CHUNKY LIME MARMALADE Thinly-shredded lime marmalade is made commercially but, since lime peel is very hard and difficult to soften, a chunky marmalade is more successfully made at home. JELLY MARMALADE Those who cannot digest peel often enjoy the flavour of a rich Seville orange jelly. This is a useful addition to the larder, as it may be added to flavour sauces, brushed on meat or poultry as a glaze, or spooned over HIGH UP the Douro Valley, in one of Europes sleepiest backwaters, stands Quinta do Noval, an elegant eighteenth-century house built on a bluff, overlooking an Arcadian landscape of carefully tended, terraced vineyards stretching snake-like down the valley.

Quinta do Noval is one of the few port houses to remain family-owned, and, what is more, by a Portuguese family, the van Zellers. (The family originally came from Holland, way back in the seventeenth century, which accounts for the Dutch-sounding name.) At the age of twenty-eight, Teresa van Zeller is the only female port shipper in the world, and, together with her brother, Cristiano, has run the business with extraordinary zest and competence since 1982. Despite their busy schedules, almost every summer weekend du ing harvest time is spent in tl peaceful surroundings of the quint where they entertain almost co: stantly. Twice a day, before lun and dinner, friends and fami gather under the huge cedar tree c the terrace for a glass of chilled whi port and salted almonds.

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