Living Room Decor Ideas Modern

Living Room Decor Ideas Modern

Bedroom for a college girl is charmingly furnished for her and for its use as a guest room when she is away at school. Color scheme is a variation of white, sparked by accents of opaline green.

White vinyl tile emulates design of clay tile flooring. Wall, skirted table and loveseat of this Bloomingdale’s room are covered in white linen.

Large kitchen sketched above has no separate breakfast area so sink island was planned to divide the room into utility and service areas, thus creating a niche for informal dining.

Flagstone floor is actually vinyl tile.

Copper pans suspended from ceiling punctuate the architectural division of the kitchen into two distinct areas.

Striking geometric design underfoot brings harmony to family room (left) of wildy unrelated furnishings and accessories. The floorings classic design is a natural companion to dining table chairs and hutch of Provincial descent, and also blends harmoniously with modern kitchen cabinetry.

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Cushioned vinyl flooring is from Con-goleum-Nairn, Inc.

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